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This website is organic, it was never designed - it just grows out of me. To build it I use PHP, HTML5, LESS/CSS, JS, my fingers and my brain.

I paint mainly in acrylics, make 3D objects and write code for the web. This is where I show my stuff.

My Art

I like Paul Cezanne, Joseph Turner, Albrecht Dürer - I like lots of painters.

I like to draw attention to the way our visual systems work and how easily we can be fooled. This is most obvious in my realistic-looking paintings which on closer inspection prove to be made up of extremely messy (the messier the better) strokes.

Why Firm Gently?

I read it on the back of a packet of seeds (sow, cover in soil the firm gently)...I liked it, it pertains to cultivation and growth.

Read more about it here.


158x100cm / Acrylic on canvas / 2016

Life Tips: 1. BISH: Open Your Eyes

102x82cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2016

Life Tips: 2. BASH: Focus on the Beauty

102x82cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2016

Life Tips: 3. BOSH: Perspective

102x82cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2016

Life Tips: 4. BE LUCKY!

102x82cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2016

Peaches, Chance

102x82cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2015


76x102cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2015

Albi the Alpaca

50x24cm / Corrugated card, squash balls, cable ties, acrylic paint / 2015

Morning. Bleurgh.

126x100cm / Acrylic, Matt Gel on Canvas / 2014

Pretty Yellow Flowers

1933x1291cm / / 2014

Crawl the Copse (Eight Animals)

127x102cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2014

Safe Direction

102x76cm / Acrylic on Canvas / 2014

The Stuckists Manifesto

"The Stuckist gives up the laborious task of playing games of novelty, shock and gimmick. The Stuckist neither looks backwards nor forwards but is engaged with the study of the human condition. The Stuckists champion process over cleverness, realism over abstraction, content over void, humour over wittiness and painting over smugness."

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    This is the left-brain stuff.

    For abstract paintings, photography or writing pop over to Gently Firm.

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