Corrugated card, acrylic, 25 x 18cm

I built this study of a seashell from corrugated card and acrylic paint. The spiral ridges are the exposed corrugations of varying thicknesses of box cardboard, with the outer skin peeled off.

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7 years ago Georgette said:

It is lovely. Very good lighting. But to me it is a yummy looking pastry. I see the white sugar, honey dribbled all over, the delicate pastry dough
And again I repeat great lighting.
thanks for showing.

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7 years ago Ernie said:

Looks well-constructed but the nomenclature is off by 90 degrees. That's why it looks like pastry and that's too bad. As a former teacher of graphic arts I would instruct students to do research on each subject, no matter how insignificant. Realize this is not a negative criticism.

7 years ago Mark (Firm Gently) replied:

It seems almost exactly like a negative criticism but I'm ok with that, in fact I invite it with this comment section. I'm not sure what you mean though - to me a nomenclature is a system of naming - perhaps it has a specific usage in the world of shells?

If I am attempting to mimic real life I will do thorough research, but not every work of art is trying to literally represent reality - as a former teacher of graphic arts I'm sure you are aware of this. I love that Georgette thinks it looks like a pastry so I'm glad I executed this the way I did or I would have missed out on that different perspective :)

I thought this was constructed from sketches actually but I won't argue if you tell me something is off by 90 degrees, I'll just roll around in the wrongness of it all.

Thank you for giving your point of view too!

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