Me in Smoke, Trying to Change Spots


Acrylic on canvas, 152 x 101cm

Obviously not a literal self-portrait, this painting took more than a year to complete, spanning the time it took me to move out of London and resettle in Brighton.

It took me a long time to realise that I had been painting myself encaged in the city.

People often think this is a depressing painting but that was never the intention, to me it's just matter-of-fact.

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In what kind of places could this painting be hung?

Say something. All views welcome and respected.

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8 years ago Tamsinatkinson said:

wow! i really love this painting!

8 years ago Mark (Firm Gently) replied:

thanks! this is an important one for me

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7 years ago joerg stevener said:

thereĀ“s a beautiful poem by Rilke about a panther in a cage...this would be the perfect picture to go along with it!

7 years ago Mark (Firm Gently) replied:

Thanks Joerg I'd not heard of that poem (The Panther) but I looked it up, I really like it

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